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               About Jinpan



               DongGuan JinPan Mould Parts Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional manufacturer which located in China's Mould City- Changan Town,specializing in  packaging Closure & caps mold componentmanufacturing, automation partsand other mechanical parts with over 10 years of experience. With a staff member of about 100, we own absolute advantage of high techniue employees with good experience.

              mould parts.jpg
              Jinpan is devoted to high precision non-standard mould components that widely used for medical mould ,automobile mould, cosmetics mould, injection mould or other machine tools.With 8 CNC and different kinds of test machines from Japan and Swiss.The tolerance could be reach 2 microns.

              Our products have been exporting to worldwide , like Germany\Italy\USA etc. more than 20 countries and has been winning high praise both domestic and overseas customers.Our main products include Non-standard mold parts, extrusion Series, Slide component series, Limited clamp components,

              Lock mold components, Positioning clamp, high precision ejector pins, ejector sleeve, shoulder ejector pin,blade ejector pin, core pins, guide post    and  bushing, punch,Fixtures and other parts.

              As long as you have the drawing ,we could do exactly same as your drawing, the material could be aluminium , copper , brass with graphite, HSS, SKD61, SKH51,SKD11,SK3,S136,1.2842,1.3343,1.2312 etc. The tolerance could be reach 0.002mm to 0.005mm,roundness within 0.0015mm, surface roughness within Ra0.025, straightness within 0.002. 

              Sincerely hope we could have chance to cooperate in the near future.
              Development of Jinpan:

              In  2010,  the  establishment  of  processing  department  with  only  10  employees

              In  2015,  the  factory  was  relocated  and  expanded  to  the  current  site

                with  50  employees  ;the  first  CNC  lathe  was  purchased

              In  2016,  the  establishment  of  overseas  sales  department

                             the  first  EDM  Machine  was  purchased

              In  2017,  attending  the  domestic  exhibition  for  the  first  time  

              In  2018,  attending  the  overseas  exhibition  for  the  first  time  

                                the  first  CMM  was  purchased

              In  2019,  the  number  of  the  employees  of  the  company  increased  to  90

              In  2020,  moving to new plant and expanded to 6000 square meters.


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